The start of 2024

Isn’t it exciting, the start of 2024. We experience the beginning of a year at least once a year. Things like reflecting, planning to do everything different are a habit for this time.

I, myself, do not really plan to do anything different. I’m pretty content with life. As a developer I also don’t really have a specific vision. I just do the things that end up on my plate. Keeps life simple. Other people may decide for me what it is I will be doing.

I started this blog this year. I did my best to get it going by focusing a lot on SEO. I tried to combine this by writing everything in my own style, a little silly most of the times. It has been paying off. Even though I only have a few articles so far, the traffic to the website is great and articles get read a lot. So thanks for that!

For this website there are a few things I look forward to. That’s the main reason for this post. The next chapters describe some things I will be working on.


APEX has been a huge focus for Oracle and for good reason. Its a pretty amazing product. You can have yourself up and running in no time with some basic applications. You can find a lot of examples of this on the internet. That’s not what my focus will be.

I have been using APEX for database infrastructure management and insight. Next year I will get into some of those details.

Besides that I will share some APEX basics, like install guides for different scenario’s.


When you say APEX and infrastructure in one sentence, you also need to mention PL/SQL. I love PL/SQL and I love everything about it. So next year I hope to get into some depth about PL/SQL. Some standalone PL/SQL and some things in combination with APEX.

Oracle 23c

I hope to get Oracle 23 up and running next year and test some of its new features. A lot of times you need 4 or 5 install guides and that makes your installation complete. I plan to do all that for you and make it a one stop shop install guide.

Message me

This week I created the contact form and setup the mail servers to allow sending messages. So from now on your can message me through the contact form for suggestions, questions and more. I look forward to hearing from the readers of my articles.

Happy new year

For now, I will be out for a little bit. Spending some time with family and friends. I hope you have a great start of 2024 and great year. See you around.

Happy start of 2024