About me

I, myself, am a pretty uninteresting person. I work with Oracle on a daily basis as a System Engineer, developing the DBAAS infrastructure for our clients. In this work I sometimes come across undocumented things I find worth mentioning or I have ideas about something that I like sharing in a place like this. Besides that, I like to share basics in an aproachable. Somethimes its important to look up the basics (again).

I whould like to accomplish this by keeping it simple and not make it too serious. Technology can be fun too.

Maybe you like the content, maybe you don’t. Its all good.

For now I’ll go get some coffee. See you at my next article.

How to stay up to date?

You can visit this website every once in a while. Or you might stumble upon it when facing issues that I’ve written an article about. Both are solid options.

If you’re like me and like reading news and blogs using their RSS feed, you can also do that for this website. You can subscribe to the RSS feed using the following URL:


I’d like to see you every now and then!